• Dotcom reaches over 56% of the UK internet audience

  • All buying metrics supported, including video

  • Custom targeting across network, channel and site specific buys

Welcome to Dotcom Media Sales

Dotcom Media Sales supplies inventory for many of the leading online advertising campaigns. We source inventory from a diverse range of publishers and our Operations team has experience of the performance demanded by clients.
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CPM and CPC metrics are available and our pixel tracking technology allows us to work both back to a target CPA where applicable.

Whether your goal is direct respose or branding we have the capability to maximise ROI and using our Enterprise level adserving technology can optimise to the best performing placements automatically.

We provide clear and concise reporting allowing visibility of both delivery and performance.

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What We Do

Performance with Peace of mind
Dotcom works with many of the largest online advertisers and publishers and delivers nearly half a billion impressions a month across the UK and Europe. Having been involved in the inception of initiatives to protect brands online, Dotcom have the experience necessary to ensure campaigns not only maximise return on investment but do so without puting your brand at risk.