Why Dotcom?
  • Dotcom reaches over 56% of the UK internet audience

  • All buying metrics supported, including video

  • Custom targeting across network, channel and site specific buys

Why choose Dotcom?

Drive Revenue
  • Generate sales, leads or actions (of products, services and/or content)
  • Generate leads to be closed via another channel or by a distributor
  • Increase targeted and relevant traffic
Reduce Costs
  • Low unit cost for huge reach
  •  Lower cost per conversion
  •  Reduced buying points and less administration
  •  Economy of scale
Improve Branding
  • Raise visibility, either through broad reach or specific premium websites
  • Enable combined response and brand-building benefits
  • Exploit Rich Media opportunities to engage with consumer
  • Target specific audiences at the right time
Increase Targeting
  • Understand what kind of targeting works best 
  • Learn what type of site-specific advertising is most effective
  • Understand what creative works best
  • Understand how to make landing site more effective

Our network consists of some of the best niche content websites around.

These sites have a highly specific composition of users allowing accurate targeting and ultimately improved performance.

Built to deliver results for both Advertisers and Publishers, the Dotcom Network consists of over 500 quality websites. Our network has been assembled on principles of quality assurance, brand safety and ultimately performance.


What We Do


Using our expertise we can extend a campaigns reach beyond major portals to more specialised content and niche sites. 87% of the population use search engines as their primary means of finding sites - the user’s destination may well be one in our portfolio. We can monitor campaign success from one centralised data management system. We offer advanced and innovative technology to meet campaign objectives such as localised targeting and retargeting.

Typical Ways to Buy

We offer two buying options, four targeting options and a range of targeting extras, each designed by Dotcom to deliver results. In addition, all Dotcom campaigns include manual and automated optimisation with our Dot Tag pixel tracking where possible.

CPM: Our strong publisher relationships allow us to provide some of the best CPM rates in the industry. We offer simple Run of Channel or Run of Site/s buys. For more generic campaigns we offer Run of Network.

CPC: Our highly skilled Ad Operations team work closely with our publishers to ensure we are not just delivering clicks but clicks that convert.

Dotcom offers two main buying options for CPM and CPC campaigns, Dotcom Direct and Dotcom Demand.

Dotcom Direct provides cost effective access to our network with minimum targeting restricitions - Direct works well for advertisers who require maximum reach for Direct Response campaigns.

Our Dotcom Demand packages utilise our enterprise level adserving technology to allow us to control how a campaign is deliverd based on visitor profiles and behaviours, page content and other factors. It is also possible to add targeting extras to both packages. These include Geo targeting, Day-parting and Frequency capping among others.

Regardless of the buying option we understand the need for brand protection online and recognise that many clients require visibility even on buys that would traditionally be considered 'blind'. With our demand packages we have therefore adopted a transparent approach allowing visibility of the types of sites within our network wherever possible. This provides our clients with peace of mind.