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Below are just a few examples of the sites that we work with on a day to day basis.



Audience Targeting

Our network consists of some of the best niche content websites around. These sites have a highly specific composition of users allowing accurate targeting and ultimately improved performance over sites with a wider reach but less specific user base.

This technique of targeting the ‘long tail’ of the web allows for reduced duplication and delivers excellent results at highly competitive rates.

Our campaigns not only target the eyeballs of new users but get to these users in unique environments and situations where they are more likely to respond to specific campaigns relevant to the genre of the site.

Blended not Blind

Dotom Media Sales understands the need for brand protection online and recognises that many clients require visibility even on a buy that would traditionally be considered ‘blind’. We have therefore adopted a transparent approach allowing visibility of the sites within our network. This provides our clients with peace of mind that campaigns will not appear on sites that may cause brand damage.

Extreme Targeting

Advertisers can specify in advance just what sort of advertising opportunity they want.

The matching strategies we offer include:

Geographical - allows targeting of users by Geographical location. We can target countries, regions, cities, even post-codes.

System – allows us to select viewers based on their browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and their operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac, BSD, Linux, Sun even Iphone).

Behavioral – allows us to select viewers based on the viewer’s recent browsing behaviours.

Contextual – allows us to select viewers based on four levels of contextual relevance, including by specific website, any of 25 channels, any of 255 categories, and by any number of keywords. In all cases our system reads the website page on the fly to determine the true context of content.

Profile - allows us to select viewers by age, gender, and income.